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Wild Few Herb Farm in Arundel, Maine

Wild Few Herb Farm is born from Zoe Shwidock & Nicole Heker's collective love of medicinal herbs and flowers and their desire to make these herbal allies more accessible in their community. On a 1/2 acre in Arundel, ME, you'll find them grooving in the field, growing what they love and getting excited about biodynamic gardening.

“Our relationship with healing plants continues to evolve and deepen as we learn about them and from them. Through chamomile oil being rubbed on Zoë’s belly to Nicole’s grandmother dripping infused oils in her ear for an earache, we both had exposure to the ancient wisdom of plant medicine, in small doses, in our childhoods. Yet, it wasn’t until our adult lives, that we began to study, with these plants as our teachers. We both feel endless love, respect and gratitude for the natural world and walk steadily through it knowing we are amongst allies and friends.

We are extremely passionate about rebuilding soil, minimizing environmental disturbance and mimicking natural processes as much as possible through utilizing no-till growing methods.  Our hope is that, through promoting fungal networks, increasing biodiversity in the soil, and building organic matter through cover cropping, we will be able to transform the largely clay soil on our leased land into rich and healthy soil that will benefit our herbs and the surrounding ecosystem. We are learning about biodynamic gardening and continue to weave these principles into our decision making around seeding, planting and harvesting. We are experimenting with a few interplanting combinations this season and are excited about working towards creating more balanced and diverse ecosystems within our fields in years to come. We are strong believers that more life begets more life!”

Nicole & Zoe’s enthusiasm brings people together and gets people moving, which has been a welcome asset to our herb growers collaborative.

“We are so excited about the opportunities to connect and collaborate with a community of herb growers! We believe that being a part of a collaborative of herbalists and herbal growers will allow us to create the resilient community that we need. The sharing of healing plants is beautiful, and we believe that the collective wisdom of a collaborative will be invaluable.”

Wild Few Herb Farm will be growing a large variety of herbs, and we are looking forward to sharing as many as we can with our community! In addition, they are dedicating one bed to growing a variety of dyeing flowers, including Japanese Indigo, Scabiosa, Marigold and Coreopsis.

See our MOFGA certified certificate here.

pictures from Wild Few Herb Farm

Meet the rest of our Grower Family

Get to know the people that grow your herbs! As a collaborative, we have the capacity to fill larger orders and maintain a current inventory in a way that sustains us all.