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Borage - Grown Organically

Dried Borage leaves

Borago officinalis

Grown organically and regeneratively by one of the Meeting House Farm Collaborative Farms. Plants are dried immediately after harvest in an on-farm drying facility to maximize potency and preserve quality.

We typically harvest Borage in September/October.

In the Apothecary:

Preparations: Seed oil; infusion of leaf and flower; culinary.

Uses: Adrenal support.  Use during pregnancy only under the guidance of a practitioner. 

Energetics:  Moist

Tastes: Cucumber

Herbal Action:  demulcent, emollient, diuretic

From our Experience:

Borage in your tomato garden will keep horn worms at bay.  It makes a lovely garnish for an evening cocktail or a special tea.   When blending tisanes, Borage typically acts as a body herb adding a bit of sweetness and body to an herbal tea.  Borage combines well with Tulsi, Milky Oats, Rose.

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