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Elderberries (Fresh Frozen) OG

Fresh Frozen Elderberries. Sambucus Nigra Berry

Certified Organic by MOFGA and grown regeneratively by one of the Meeting House Farm Collaborative Farms.

Fresh elderberries are frozen prior to shipping to protect the plant. We ship to the Northeast (USA) immediately after the plant is harvested.

Please contact us for local pick-up options.

We are unable to ship outside Northeastern United States at this time.

Pre-orders are closed until Spring of 2024.

For customers who pre-ordered from our 2023 harvest, you were put into a queue for the next harvested pound. Orders will ship out in the order they were received.

Smaller bags (1 oz and 4 oz sizes) will be made available once we have filled all pre-orders.

We typically harvest Elderberries from August through September. 

In the Apothecary:

Preparations: Extract cooked berries in alcohol. Water infusion of dried berries.  Use berries in syrups and pies.

Uses: Immune system support. 

Energetics:  Cooling & Drying

Tastes: Sweet, distinctive fruity taste in the berries that goes well with cassis.

Herbal Action:  Anti-viral, immune stimulant.

From our Experience:

An elderberry pie is an absolute indulgence and one of our favorite yearly treats.  This is in addition to medicinal uses of course.

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