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Shipping and pick-ups are postponed until Tuesday 9/27 (we're at the Common Ground Fair!)
Shipping and pick-ups are postponed until Tuesday 9/27 (we're at the Common Ground Fair!)

Fresh Milky Oat Tops

Fresh Milky Oat Tops by the pound. Avena Sativa.

Our plants are grown organically using regenerative farming practices by the Meeting House Farm herb growers collaborative. Fresh plants are shipped immediately after harvest to preserve quality and freshness and should arrive next-day in most cases.

We offer Certified Organic options for most plants, but even if they aren't certified, all the plants are grown organically using regenerative practices by the farmers and gardeners in our collaborative.

Harvest date depends on the plant and the weather.

Get it fresh!

This is a pre-order item.

Pre-ordering fresh plants means your item will ship immediately after it is harvested. Timing of the harvest is TBD on the item and the weather.

We'll use 'next-day' shipping and wrap your plants in special packaging to preserve freshness and quality.

We recommend using/processing your fresh plants as soon as you receive them in the mail.

Pre-orders are an amazing way to support our collaborative. It helps us to know what you want for the year, and we can grow it….just for you!  It also helps with cash flow during the “dry season”.  Pre-orders are not a guarantee. There are occasional crop failures, but we can either make substitutions or refund you if that happens. It is a smart way to reserve the plants that you know you'll need for the year.

A note about Organic

Meeting House Farm and it's drying room, apothecary and packaging facilities are Certified Organic by MOFGA and we are following a Biodynamic practice here at the farm. All of our farm partners are also growing organically using regenerative practices, and some are also certified by MOFGA.

Transparency is important so we proudly display all this information on our labels & on the product descriptions in our online farmer's market so you know exactly who, where and how your herbs are grown. The OG certification process is a huge undertaking and annual expense for growers which is why these items are a bit more expensive.

We have a rigorous inspection process for all our farm partners, to make sure the herbs they grow and products they create are up to Meeting House Farm standards. A standard that you have come to know, trust & expect. We think these folks are all growing beautiful, joyful, and healing plants that we are excited to be able to share them with you every day.

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