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Seedling Pre-Orders are open! 🌱 Order yours today!
Seedling Pre-Orders are open! 🌱 Order yours today!

Arnica OG - live plants

Arnica OG - live seedling / Arnica montana

These field dug Arnica plants are available in 4 inch and 1 gallon size pots.

In the Garden

Grows best in zones 4-9.  Full to part sun.  Prefers an even mixture of loam, peat and sand. Rhizome spreading perennial.  Slow to establish. Grows 12 - 18 inches tall.

Harvest flowers in June & July. Arnica blooms only once per season but can provide several harvests within a 3-week period.  Harvest only the open blossoms.  Dry on screens.  The blossoms will puff but the medicinal qualities are retained.  Aerial parts and roots also contain the same medicinal qualities as the blossom.

In the Apothecary

Use the flowers & roots (for topical use only) to support skin and the lymphatic system.  We love creating an extract of flower or root in alcohol; or an extract of dried flower or root in oil.

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