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Rooted Heart Farm in Buxton, Maine

Nyeela Hueholt of Rooted Heart Farm focuses on innovative methods of regenerative farming. We consider our practices to go beyond "Organic Farming", not only not spraying pesticides but building the soil, making compost and herbal teas, and adding diversity to our local ecosystems.

“I have a deep relationship to healing plants that continues to deepen with each season. As with many other herbalists, connecting with plants was a big part of my childhood. However, my relationship has deepened since working closely with them to treat Lyme Disease and Psoriasis. Having the opportunity to cultivate medicinal plants has deepened my relationship even more and given me the opportunity to share their gifts with the community.

I hope to share with the community the importance of cultivating herbs with a deep reverence for the earth and how when we do so they give back in ways we could never imagine.”

pictures from Rooted Heart Farm

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