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Our Grower Family


The Meeting House Farm Herb Grower Collaborative consists of herb growers, farms, nurseries and gardens across the state of Maine and across the United States. Herbs and products are sold through our online store at, creating an inclusive, easily accessible, and dynamic on-line herbal farmer's market.

We have a rigorous inspection process, to make sure the herbs we grow and the products we create are up to Meeting House Farm standards. A standard that you have come to know, trust, and expect. We think these folks are all growing beautiful, joyful, and healing plants that we are excited to be able to share with you and we learn from them every day.

We also offer education to our collaborative on drying room set-up, facility inspection readiness, regenerative farming practices and more. Together, we are better farmers and better herbalists.

Meeting House Farm and it's drying room, apothecary, and packaging facilities are certified organic by MOFGA and we are following a biodynamic practice here at the farm.

All of our farm partners are also growing organically and sometimes biodynamically, and many are also certified organic.

Transparency is important so we proudly display all this information on our labels and on the product descriptions in our on-line farmer's market, so you know exactly who, where, and how your herbs are grown.

More Choices

When you buy from our “Single Origin Growers,” each bag contains only herbs from that grower, allowing you to choose from a single geographic location and terroir (soil, weather, air, and light conditions).

Our “Community Herb Growers” sell under the Meeting House Farm herb grower collaborative label. These herbs are blended with herbs from Meeting House Herb Farm and our other community growers which allows us to offer a larger assortment of herbs.

 “Herbal Marketplace Growers” offer herbs that are bagged as single-origin and then shipped directly from the grower’s location. The Meeting House Farm Herbal Marketplace highlights herb growers from around the United States, enabling local farms to provide local herbs. Customers are free to order from multiple farms within one transaction, but each bag of herbs is single-origin. Labels are unique to the farm, but your order will always come in a Meeting House Farm shipping bag.

Explore the farms below, read their individual stories and learn even more about these incredible herb growers.

Meet our Single Origin Growers

Meet our Community Herb Growers

Meet our Herbal Marketplace Growers