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Herb Grower Collaborative


The Meeting House Farm Herb Grower Collaborative is a family of herb growers, farms, nurseries and gardens across the US. As a collaborative, we are committed to growing high quality herbs with intention and love for people and the planet. 

Members of our Collaborative take pride in growing herbs by hand and many grow in small batches. We all grow to organic standards and use regenerative farming practices, stewarding the land in a way that leaves it better than we found it. Many of use are also certified organic or using biodynamic farming practices.

Organic certification is regulated by the USDA and local certifying agencies. Biodynamic farming practicing are regenerative and care for the farm as an organism. These practices prioritize the use of plants and animals on the farm to create rich, sustainable soil.

At Meeting House Farm, our Herb Grower Collaborative offers high quality, local herbs - grown by hand with intent. Find all your favorite herbs here and see below to learn more about the people who grow your herbs! 


Herb growers sell their herbs through the Collaborative in one of three ways - as an Herbal Marketplace Grower, Community Grower, or through our Nurture Farm Program. When you search for herbs, you'll be able to purchase from all growers with one order.

The Herbal Marketplace

Growers who join the Herbal Marketplace ship their herbs straight to you from their farm, an independent business within our collaborative! These farmers have gone through an application and inspection process to ensure they grow to the quality standards we have at Meeting House Farm - quality that our customers have come to know, love and trust.

Community Growers

These growers sell under the Meeting House Farm Herb Grower Collaborative label. Their herbs are blended with herbs from other Community Growers, bringing you more of the herbs you love! All of our Community Growers live in Maine or New Hampshire and drop off their herbs as Meeting House Farm. Our team inspects herbs at the drop off to ensure consistent quality, then we bag and ship the herbs to you. Community Growers go through an application and inspection process when joining the collaborative

Nurture Farm Program

Our Nurture Farm Program does exactly as it says! We nurture beginning herb farmers to help them grow not just herbs, but also their farm and business. In this 2-3 year program, farmers receive support every step of the way, including suggestions on what to grow, how to regeneratively grow it, the best dry room set up, production reviews, business marketing and administration support. Meeting House Farm has received a grant that allows us to accept two farms per year by application, increasing access to high quality, local herbs grown by hand with intent. We carefully review and guide them to success for 2-3 years, at which point they graduate into the Herbal Marketplace.

Explore and learn more about our incredible members below!

Meet our Herbal Marketplace Growers

Meet our Community Growers

Meet our Nurture Farms