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Wholesale FAQ

What are the benefits of having a Wholesale account with MHF?

  • Tax Free
  • 30 day terms available (please note that a deposit is requested for all pre-orders).
  • Free local delivery in the Portland, Maine available
  • Your business name included on our website's list of retailers (stockists).
  • Connection on Social Media if desired

Do you require a minimum order amount?

We do require your first wholesale order to be a minimum of $250. We offer 30 day terms with a minimum order of $500, and we offer delivery in Maine with a minimum order of $250, otherwise we can ship your herbs with standard shipping rates.

How much do you pay your herb growers?

Meeting House Farm pays its growers between 50% - 70% of the wholesale price. This ensures a fair price for the growers.
Herbs are a lot of work. In most cases, wholesale herbs do not contribute to the sustainability of the collaborative as a whole, but only to the specific grower that grow them. Between the cost of packaging and delivery we are basically just passing what you pay us back to the farmer. 
It is important for us to keep our prices competitive with larger wholesalers (who often source internationally), to pay farmers a great price for their herbs AND get these herbs into the hands of the people that need them. 

Who is your ideal Wholesale client?

We are able to keep going as a business because of our farmer’s market sales and online retail sales. So why do we have wholesale accounts? A large part of our mission is to get locally grown healing herbs into the hands of local people. Local apothecaries, co-ops and herbalists do that work everyday, so they are our ideal Wholesale clients. 

Stock your shelves and help us share the herbs!