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Redpoll Farm in the Sebasticook Valley, Maine

Redpoll Farm is a small farm and homestead growing herbs, perennials and trees on the rich alluvial till of the Sebasticook valley.

We are focusing on growing healthful herbs and food while nourishing our land to facilitate resilience in a changing climate.

The fact that you can gather and grow your own medicine is an incredible tool that has been underutilized in this country for decades during a period of forgetting that even our most powerful modern pharmacueticals have their active constituents originating in the plant realm. We are so happy to be sharing medicine with our community on a larger volume basis, and increasing our collective medicine security.

We have always been nature kids who are happiest outdoors, in (most!) all types of weather. We love tinkering with ecosytems on our 38 acres and slowly growing our food and medicine forest. We sell and share specimens from as many different species as we can find that are hardy to our zone, and have one or more of the following traits: medicinal, edible, lumber, and/or native.

pictures from Redpoll Farm