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Frinklepod Farm in Arundel, Maine

Noah and Flora have been farming as Frinklepod Farm for 10 years.  Joined by a small but wonderful crew each growing season, they focus on annual veggies and culinary herbs, some perennial fruits, and flowers.

Frinklepod Farm is committed to transforming marginal land into productive agricultural space through soil building, water management, and sustainable nutrient cycling. Certified organic through MOFGA and the Real Organic Project, they don’t use any synthetic sprays or additives of any kind; instead emphasizing early detection and constant/close observance of their plants and growing conditions.

Flora has long believed that food is medicine, and she has an ongoing curiosity about (and awe of) the healing power of plants.  As the co-owner of a diversified farm that celebrates plant-based living, she hopes that by sharing some of their harvest with the world outside the direct farm community, they are creating a ripple effect out into the universe.

Frinklepod Farm MOFGA certificate

pictures from Frinklepod Farm

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