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Sight Unseen Woods in Swanville, Maine

This homestead is located along the Goose River in Swanville, Maine, near Belfast. Lizzie Hogg grows her medicine organically and follows the biodynamic calendar. While she waits for her medicinal shrubs to begin production, Lizzie will be providing soothing balm plants to Meeting House: peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, marshmallow leaf and the like.

Lizzies's aim is to keep the gardens integrated with the complete landscape- from the soil to the people to the stars! For her this means working within human scale technologies, respecting the wild edges, and being a student of biodynamics and homeopathy. She has been relying on plant medicine solely for almost two decades, beginning with a yearlong wildcrafting course with Kami McBride in the Bay Area. The wisdom and strength in plants and their medicines continues to awe her and she is excited to be a part of this collaborative bringing more responsibly cultivated medicine to her communities! She continues to cultivate a tithe of local and European-brought plant medicines for the Wabanaki on whose land she resides and encourages others to do the same.  

Visits to the homestead are by appointment only, but you are welcome to check out her family’s Belfast-based business, Perennial Cider Bar + Farm Kitchen, a place-based eating and drinking experience inspired by the local landscape, featuring 100% organic and locally sourced ingredients.  

pictures from Sight Unseen Woods