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Seedling Pre-Orders are open! 🌱 Order yours today!
Seedling Pre-Orders are open! 🌱 Order yours today!

Patch Farm in Denmark, Maine

"By diversifying our fields we hope to truly create a sustainable farm - sustainable as a business, for our bellies, and our community. We're starting small but have big plans for our "little" farm in the future."

"Patch Farm is located in the small town of Denmark in the lakes region of Maine. Comprised of 20(ish) acres of field and 50(ish) acres of forest we currently grow a wide variety of organically certified vegetables. While our current list of veggies is made up of mostly annuals, our real passion lies in storage crops and perennials. Over the coming years we will be adding a plethora of woody perennials (apple, cherry, pear trees... blueberries, raspberries... nut trees and more - oh my!) and perennial veggie crops. Additionally, we have a flock of laying hens, pigs for pork and a small herd of dairy goats."

Patch Farm MOFGA certificate

pictures from Patch Farm