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Lush Coast Farm in Blue Hill, Maine

Mariah Lane has been growing for about nine years. 2022 will be her first year growing & selling commercially from Mourning Dove Botanicals located on Lush Coast Farm in Blue Hill, Maine.

“We focus on growing nutrient dense foods/plants through soil analysis and application of organic amendments only. We have been working to build our soil, and are amazed at what soil science entails. We tend to mulch and compost for our means of controlling weeds, though hand weed or use hand tools occasionally throughout the season. No till.

Plants have been such an important aid to me for years, and is one that continues to deepen. I have used medicinal herbs in many ways to help heal grief and anxiety (among other symptoms) in myself. I love that plants have endless applications and ways they can be integrated into our lives. Not to mention the natural beauty and simple happiness they can bring.

I hope to bring my passion for gardening and medicinal plants to [the Meeting House Farm Collaborative]. I want to extend my compassion and reverence that I have for plants to my community members and help support people through plant allies. I [also] hope to gain an expansion of community and learn from supportive individuals who value plants and understand their importance in todays society.”

In terms of medicinal herbs, Mariah grows calendula, borage, tulsi, anise, comfrey, mugwort, catnip, mint, california poppy, spilanthes, clary sage, nettle, chamomile, monarda, rue. Mariah hopes to have most of these in sellable quantities for Meeting House. She wants to add lemon balm, butterfly pea flower, blue vervain, arnica, elecampane, and lavender this year, with the hopes of selling them in future years once well established.



pictures from Lush Coast Farm

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