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Seedling Pre-Orders are open! 🌱 Order yours today!
Seedling Pre-Orders are open! 🌱 Order yours today!

2024 Seed to Soul Apprenticeship Program

This apprenticeship is designed to deepen your relationship with a single plant.

Through a series of 7 on-farm work sessions you will:
  • Plant the seed
  • Transplant the seedling
  • Plant in the field
  • Cultivate
  • Optional monthly "tending time with your plants"
  • Harvest
  • Dry process
  • Work in the apothecary
At the end of the season you will know the plant intimately!
Seed to Soul Apprenticeship Program at Meeting House Farm in Scarborough, Maine

Here’s the scoop:

  • Cost and schedule are outlined in our application.

  • Each work day is 3 hours long and the work is led by Emily Springer.
  • Choose which plant you want to work with this growing season (or choose them all).
  • There are 5 apprenticeship slots available per plant.
  • Sessions meet about 1x per month most often on Thursdays from 1-4 pm (beginning in late March). The final schedule is included in the application and is subject to weather and growing conditions. Optional tending opportunities are offered for additional time with the plants.
    • Expect to work, get dirty, and learn a lot. Work teams will learn together and work together.
      • Each apprenticeship will include deep education on the plant and biodynamic planting rhythms, as well as time to meditate with the plant as you work.
      • Each apprentice will also be able to bring home seeds, plants, dry plants, and full-size apothecary products made with the plants you tend.
      Work-Trade Volunteer working with dried herbs

           Plant options (choose as many as you like):

          • Calendula
          • Echinacea
          • Ashwagandha
          • Tulsi
          • Spilanthes
          • Marshmallow

          The application process for the Seed to Soul is now closed. Sign up for our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of this page!) to be one of the first to know about next year and all our other events and offerings.

          Work-Trade Volunteer bundling herbs

          Important Considerations & Safety

          A Note About Accessibility

          Most tasks will require the ability to:

            • Grasp hand tools
            • Sit, kneel, or squat down close to the ground.
            • Reach out into the garden beds from a low position or bend over plants that are anywhere between a few inches to several feet tall.
            • Access to the field is mostly flat grass lawn with some gentle slopes.


          If the farm has to cancel a workday due to inclement weather or other reasons, the session will be rescheduled.


          Apprentices bring their own supplies: 

          • Gardening tools (hand tools work well)
          • Something to kneel on
          • Natural sunscreen
          • Natural bug spray
          • Something to harvest fresh herbs with and into (to take home)
          • Gloves if you want them
          • Clippers

          Please let us know if acquiring these things will be a hardship and we will do our best to find a fitting solution. We have found for folks interested in working with the earth these tools are an essential investment that will serve you well for many years.

          • There is a drinking water bubbler in the apothecary, and fresh herbed water is available.
          • We have a bathroom on-site.
          • Please provide your own room, board, and transportation.

          To Apply

          Interested in Seed to Soul? Sign up for our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of this page!) to hear about next years apprenticeship and all our other events & offerings before then!

          Apprenticeship fees will be collected after applications are reviewed.

          *We offer 1 scholarship per plant once we have reached critical mass for each plant. To apply for Seed to Soul with a scholarship, please fill out the application and indicate you would like to apply with a scholarship.

          Work-Trade Volunteer holding leaf up to her face

          Have questions? Feel free to reach out below.

          *Please don't submit applications here, just questions. Applications will open again in Spring 2025.

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