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We host interactive, hands-on classes in person at the MOFGA store in Freeport as well as other locations. Our virtual classes usually come with a care package or herbalist kit so you can follow along at home! We hope you will join us for one. 
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Medicinal Herb Tisanes (in-person class)

December 12 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

$35 general admission; $30 for MOFGA members

This hands on workshop is part two of the “Art of Blending Tea,” which is offered on November 29.

Are you interested in supporting your health and that of your family with home blended medicinal tisanes? Emily Springer of Meeting House Farm – a MOFGA certified organic farm in Scarborough, Maine – will lead this workshop. Meeting House Farm grows organic herbs for Infusion Herb Co., a local producer of organic herbal products.

This class will focus on the medicinal properties of a selection of herbs and how to combine them for maximum effect. We will discuss herbs that support the respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system and immune system. Participants will blend, taste and take home their own medicinal tisane.

Please bring a large mixing bowl to blend in, as well as your tisane press if you participated in the previous workshop (we will have presses available for purchase if you are looking for one).

While we will be building on the basics of tea blending that were discussed in the first workshop, no pre-requisites are required. This workshop will start with a brief overview of the basics of the art of blending tea.

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