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Lavender OG - live plant

Lavandula angustifolia var krajova

These Czech Lavender seedlings are available in 4 inch pots.

In the Garden

Grows best in zones 5 through 9.  Full Sun. Dry to well-drained soil. This perennial can grow 3 feet tall.

This variety of Lavender is the only reliable Lavender on our farm in Maine.  Developed in the Czech Republic this lavender is reliably hardy in Maine winters.

Harvest the flowers and the 1/3 of the top aerial parts after the first year in July and August.


Order now to pick-up on Saturday, May 20th from Noon - 5pm at the MOFGA sale at Maine Organic Marketplace at 55 Main St. Freeport, ME.

Note: We can no longer offer pick-up at Meeting House Farm.

Organic / Biodynamic Information

All live seedlings are certified organic by MOFGA and grown biodynamically from seed at Meeting House Herb Farm in Scarborough, Maine.

A Note about Plant Sizes

This picture shows the plant full grown- your baby seedlings will be much smaller and not yet flowering!

We've raised them from seed, and made sure they are adjusted to 24/7 outdoor weather, so it will be the perfect time and size to take home and plant in your own garden to arrange in harmony with your other plants.

Refund for Pots

Do you still have your pot from last year’s sale? Bring it to the sale and get a $1 refund per pot!

Still have Questions?

See our Seedling FAQ for more information.

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Size: 4 inch pot