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Elderflower OG

Dried Elderflowers.

Sambucus nigra.

Certified Organic by MOFGA and grown regeneratively by one of the Meeting House Farm Collaborative Farms. Plants are dried immediately after harvest in an on-farm organic certified drying facility to maximize potency and preserve quality.

Are we out of stock? Our next harvest of Elderflowers is in June.

In the Apothecary:

Preparations: Extract of fresh flowers in alcohol.  Extract of dried flowers in oil.  Water infusion of dried flowers.  Culinary - fermentation of flowers.

Uses: Immune system support, skin support. 

Energetics:  Cooling & Drying

Tastes: Sweet, floral

Herbal Action: Anti-viral, immune stimulant, flowers are decongestant and specific for skin irritation. 

From our Experience:

We use the elderflowers to make a fermented drink similar in taste to champagne. This is in addition to medicinal uses of course.

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