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Nettle aerial parts.
Urtica dioica.

Grown organically and regeneratively by one of the Meeting House Farm Collaborative Farms. Plants are dried immediately after harvest in an on-farm drying facility to maximize potency and preserve quality.

Pre-orders are closed until Spring of 2024.

For customers who pre-ordered from our 2023 harvest, you were put into a queue for the next harvested pound. Orders will ship out in the order they were received.

Smaller bags (1 oz and 4 oz sizes) will be made available once we have filled all pre-orders.

We typically harvest Nettle in May/June.

In the Apothecary:

Preparations: Extract of fresh leaves in alcohol.  Water infusion of fresh or dried leaves.

Uses: Circulatory system support. 

Energetics:  Cooling & Drying

Tastes: Mineral, rich, buttery, grassy

Herbal Action:  Nutritive, mineral rich - especially in iron.  Diuretic; anti-inflammatory; antihistamine; supports the blood in removing toxins.

From our Experience:

Our favorite spring treat is nettle risotto.  Or, for a mineral rich food source to help you emerge from winter's hibernation, use nettles like you would spinach in spring recipes.

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